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Saved by Alma Swan
on June 26, 2009 at 7:22:00 am

Welcome to the International Repositories Infrastructure wiki - tag #repinf09


This wiki is for those interested in:

1. developing coordinated action plans for specific areas of repository development

2. pursuing those plans

3. coordinating that activity internationally

An international workshop in March 2009 kicked off this process, which is now open to anyone willing to contribute.


Anyone can read the content of this wiki. Those who would like to have editing rights, that is, be able to contribute comments and suggestions, should click the link on the top right of this page ('request access').


The plans

The current crop of action plans are around four areas.

 - Citation services - that is, making citation data more easily available from OA papers. Draft project proposal now available for community review

 - 'Repository handshake' - that is, ways for repositories to ease the deposit process in various scenarios

 - Interoperable identification infrastructure - that is, can named entities be unambiguously identified on the web?

 - International Repositories Organisation - how can repositories and their teams work better together. Note that this action plan is being taken forward by a group being coordinated by the DRIVER project.  For more information please contact Dale Peters.


Presentations on the plans were made at the OAI6 workshop in Geneva 17-19 June, and the Powerpoint files are now available here:

Citation services

Interoperable identifiers

Repository handshake

Repository organisation


A general update on progress, June 09 is here.


What's the process?

Drafts of the four plans were briefly considered by a group of infrastructure funders on 17th March 2009, who expressed general support for all of them, and varying degrees of interest in funding work under each of them.  Some are already funding relevant work, which needs to be coordinated internationally.  That's one purpose of this wiki.


Briefing materials

Alma Swan has produced and is maintaining a set of briefing materials that support this work by documenting current work under a range of headings relevant to the action plans.  If you have any updates on any of these, please email Alma so that she can update the map versions to match or add a comment and Alma will make the changes accordingly. The briefing materials are under these headings: please note that there is a mapped version of each for those of you who like mindmaps. To get to the maps, click the link at the top of each page ('map version'):


Author identification

Copyright and licensing

Harvesters - national and international

Harvesters - subject- or discipline-based

Ingest - selected issues

Institution identifiers

Peer review

Persistent identifiers


Prestige and profiling services


Repository software

Repository support organisations


Usage reporting and metrics

User services

Validation and certification of repositories



Background information

The action plans were developed in response to consideration of various scenarios, described and discussed under the following headings:

 - Preservation actions

 - Deposit workflows and environments

 - Access

 - Online reputation and reporting

It is unlikely that there would be further changes to these pages, but they're here for reference.


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