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Below is a selection of registries or registry-related developments that may be relevant to discussions on this wiki. The registries specifically cognisant of OA repositories are the JISC IE registries and the new ORCA Registry in Australia.


Technical and format registries


Global Digital Format Registry


Distributed and replicated registry of format information.


GRIMOIRES (Grid Registry with Metadata Oriented Interface: Robustness, Efficiency, Security)


Sponsored by the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute UK. Registry for descriptions and workflows for complex scientific experiments. UDDI-based.


HiLT (High-Level Thesaurus Project)


JISC-funded project at the Centre for Digital Library Research, Strathclyde University, now in Phase IV. Terminology registry service.




Technical registry of the UK's National Archives.


Scottish Enterprise Standards Registry


Includes a metadata registry amongst many others.

Services registries

IESR (Information Environment Services Registry) [UK]


JISC-funded initiative. Partners MIMAS and UKOLN. Provides machine access via several standard protocols (Web, Z39.50, SRU/W, OAI-PMH and OpenURL).


OCKHAM Digital Library Service Registry


NSF-funded initiative resulting from Digital Library Federation-sponsored meetings of libraries and other interested organisations. Aim is to improve the deployability of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) in traditional libraries.


Collections registries

DLF Digital Collections Registry


Developed by the DLF and a consortium of libraries and related agencies to provide a gateway to their digital collections.


ORCA (Online Research Collections Australia) Registry


Pilot service established by APSR (Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories). Harvests collection-level metadata from Australian digital collections (institutional repositories and data storage facilities). Part of APSR's own COSI (Collections and Services Interface) web application framework. Supports REST-type service calls and messaging (i.e. not WS-I standards and protocols. ORCA registry instances can be configured for local, international or global network typologies and have REST service interfaces for metadata harvesting and provision. First implementation of ISO 2146 (Registry Services for Libraries and Related Organizations) standard (compatible with Dublin Core Collections Application Profile). Compatible with other registry metadata (JISC's Information Environment Services Registry and NSF's Ockham Digital Library Service Registry). Also aligns with CRIS (i.e. has CERIF compatibility).


Metadata registries


DART Metadata Schema Registry


Metadata schema registry for scientific applications and domains. Product of the DART Project (Dataset Acquisition, Accessibility and Annotations e-Research Technologies) in Australia.


Dublin Core Metadata Registry


Promotes the discovery and reuse of properties, classes and other types of metadata terms.


European Library Metadata Registry


Central information point about library metadata.


Information Environment Metadata Schema Registry


A JISC Shared Services Programme pilot project. The primary source for information about metadata schemas recommended by the JISC Information Environment Standards framework.  The IEMSR will provide the JISC IE with a single point of referral regarding the two key metadata standards of the JISC IE - the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set and the IEEE Learning Object Metadata standard.


National Knowledge Service Metadata Registry (UK's National Health Service)


Promotes the discovery and reuse of metadata and vocabulary definitions used in the National Knowledge Service and the National Library of Health.


NSDL Metadata Registry


Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde. NSF-funded to provide essential services to the National Science Digital Library Core Infrastructure and associated projects. Uses Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Registry Application as its development base.


Registry technologies and standards work


Libraries/archives: ISO 2146


Research/Grid-HPC: WS-I (UDDI) (Web Services - Interoperability (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) and OGSA (Open Grid Services Architecture)


Business: ebXML and Registry v3.0


SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System)


Developed and maintained by the W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group (SWDWG). Developing specifications and standards to support the use of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) such as thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading systems and taxonomies within the framework of the semantic web.



Global Registries Initiative


Formed in 2008. Proposes the technical and organisational frameworks that will enable registries to interoperate to form a global federation.

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Peter Burnhill said

at 3:36 pm on Apr 8, 2009

Piloting an E-journals Preservation Registry Service (PEPRS).
Aims to reveal who is looking after what, and on what terms of access. Led by EDINA and ISSN-IC, five archiving agencies (CLOCKSS and Portico; BL and KB; UK LOCKSS Alliance) are cross-matching their archival activity against the a list of over 60,000 e-serials extracted from the ISSN Register.

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