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Some examples of commercial local storage suppliers


These are only selected examples. There are many more suppliers available.





Hewlett Packard




Solutions for open source systems


Cloud storage-repository developments


EPrints implements cloud storage support


DuraSpace (DSpace and Fedora Commons)

Currently in planning phase; 6 month planning grant from Mellon Foundation, starting November 2008


Fedorazon project

Fedora Commons software preconfigured for installation in the cloud. Uses Amazon's S3 service


Concrete storage


Blacknight Solutions

Example of a storage broker: used by EPrints.



Part of the Storage Delegation Project. A concrete storage interface providing a pluggable Blob (files or bitstreams) interface. Akubra is focused on wrapping concrete storage subsystems to be used directly as a plug-in or to fit as component of a larger storage delegation layer as a service.



Common repository storage developments


Fedora Commons Storage Delegation Project

Collaboration between DSpace and Fedora Commons (and others?)

Seeking to define how storage subsystems can be integrated.



Commercial systems


SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association)

Advances technologies and standards in the industry. Has developed the XAM Initiative, which aims to drive adoption of the eXtensible Access Method (XAM) specification for a reference data interface standard:



Examples of cloud storage suppliers


Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

15 cents per gigabyte per month.


EMC's Hulk/Maui

Almost-launched status for 18 months now.


Google GDrive

Still only rumoured and not confirmed by Google. Latest rumour:


IBM's Blue Cloud


Azure Cloud (Microsoft)

The Azure Services Platform provides 'a wide range of internet services that can be consumed from both on-premises environments or [sic] the internet.


Mosso (Rackspace): CloudFS

Uses Rackspace's Dallas data center and another site in the UK.



Custom-developed software and file-system technologies running on Intel-based servers at 6 locations on the US East and West coasts and also in Europe and Asia. Around 20 servers in total. Customer data replicated in 2 or 3 locations. 18 cents per gigabyte per month plus 10-18 cents per gigabyte for data transfers. Maximum file size 256 GB.